3D V.A.R. (Virtual Audio Reality)


Luigi Agostini is a researcher, consultant, composer, author and developer focused on spatial audio systems since 1997.

3D VAR is my “immersive” audio technology.

Service A

Project, customization, creation and installation of multi-channel audio systems. 3D VAR technology offers free speakers or transducers positioning (up to 64 channels) at 24 bit 96 kHz of resolution with intelligibility and listening comfort in any part of the ambient. 3D soundscape compositions or traditional stereo/surround contents creation tools included. Support and include any kind of 3D audio from ambisonics to the latest n*-D algorithm just released…

  • *Please exchange “n” with any number from 2 to 64.

Service B

Courses and seminars on 3D soundscape composition and “immersive” audio technologies. Cycling’74 Max Trainer.

Service C

Composer, author and sound designer. From songs to interactive auto-generative or emphatic soundscape compositions.

Luigi has both good engineering skills and artistic vision. He is thoughtful, efficient and honest in his critical judgment. He only takes on projects where he is able to perform at a high level.

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