3D soundscape compositions workshop, in collaboration with FKL Italy

Casale Marittimo, 2012, June 22-23-24. “Walking on Soundshine”
Schedule of meetings
“Soundscape, Relaxation and Three Dimensional Meditations”

Immersion in the sounds of the Alta Maremma’s surrounding areas in Casale Marittimo, with identification of two perfect places to accompany the meditations, the place morequiet and the place more energetic, with the support of acousmatic or three-dimensionalsoundscape compositions and recordings. Binaural beats, instruments and music-inspiredEtruscan accompany the group in the path of meditation.

a) http://www.comune.casale-marittimo.pi.it/it/passeggiate.asp
b) http://www.fattoriadellagioiosa.it/
c) http://www.poderinorecordingstudio.com/Home.html


Francesco Michi – Coordination
Massimo Liverani – SoundWalks, 3d Relaxation
Francesco Landucci – Meditations with Etruscan-inspired instruments
Luigi Agostini – Workshop 3D soundscape compositions

New Year, New Life

… yesterday I attended the last meeting of A&G Soluzioni Digitali, which is now in liquidation, after more than 15 years of success. I would like to publicly thank my ex-partner and friend Augusto Gentili for the wonderful adventure that we lived together; our professional paths have split, but at least now when we will meet we will be only two musicians and fans of Fringe and Pink Floyd that are chatting without stress nor complications … Best wishes to him for his A&G Sync, to me for my new “Luigi Agostini Digital Solutions“, and all of you for the upcoming Holidays!

3D-EST in sync with 3D video

Since the first days of July 2010, one X-spat player is used daily in a Japanese Theme Park to add a 3D-EST soundscape to a 3D video. The soundscape have been made with X-spat boX2. My compliments to Acoustic Field, A&G exclusive distributor in Japan, for this new amazing application of our technology…

(more in Japanese language)

Two new titles available in our Yoursoundscape Binaural collection for iPhone®

Journey in the Houses of Things by Mop Cortex

Available as SD card for A&G X-spat player and as binaural software for iPhone® on iTunes™.


Mu.E.S.Li Volume One by Associazione Mu.E.S.Li

Available as SD card for A&G X-spat player and as binaural software for iPhone® on iTunes™.

Two new titles for our Yoursoundscape Binaural collection for iPhone®

SouthWinds Binaural by MoReVoX and
Moon Binaural by Italo Lombardo are the two new softwares for iPhone® released by my company, A&G Soluzioni Digitali.

The fantastic welcome you gave to our first title, Atmosphere Binaural, has convinced me and my colleagues to produce more players. In the next weeks you will find on iTunes almost all the previews already available in stereo on yoursoundscape.ning.com, and more will come in the next future…

Make your soundscape
, design your personal acoustic space!

New soundscape compositions on SD cards for X-spat player

I am proud to announce the release of four new SD cards for X-spat player:

– “American City Ambience” by Darwin Chamber (South Park, MTV,
Hoodwinked 2)

– “Peoplelikesounds Vol.1” by Enrico Ascoli (Mila Schon, FIAT, European
Institut of
Design Milan)

– “Journey in the Houses of Things” by Mop Cortex (DAMS, Sine3pm,

– “Tamil Nadu Project Vol.1” by Marco Cioffi (Glasspiel, Sapienza University,
Sound Art Museum Rome)

More info and previews at http://yoursoundscape.ning.com