New soundscape compositions on SD cards for X-spat player

I am proud to announce the release of four new SD cards for X-spat player:

– “American City Ambience” by Darwin Chamber (South Park, MTV,
Hoodwinked 2)

– “Peoplelikesounds Vol.1” by Enrico Ascoli (Mila Schon, FIAT, European
Institut of
Design Milan)

– “Journey in the Houses of Things” by Mop Cortex (DAMS, Sine3pm,

– “Tamil Nadu Project Vol.1” by Marco Cioffi (Glasspiel, Sapienza University,
Sound Art Museum Rome)

More info and previews at

Yoursoundscape project at LuBeC 09

On the 22nd and 23rd of October at Real Collegio palace in Lucca, AandG has presented Yoursoundscape project to LuBeC09 (Lucca Beni Culturali, Lucca’s Cultural Assets), and the soundscape compositions have been performed by an X-spat player with eight speakers. All the visitors have really appreciated the 3D audio effect using words like “immersive”, “amazing” and “incredible”. We collect a lot of requests from important museums spread all over Italy seriously interested in installing our system. I will keep you updated in developments…

In the picture above you can see our room at LuBeC plus Diego Persi Paoli and Simone Cercignani of AandG in the morning of 22nd preparing for a long day of demos…

More info:

Yoursoundscape Social Network

LuBeC web site

Senti Livorno

On the 14th of May, in the Istituto Musicale Mascagni’s Auditorium in Livorno, Giulia Amadei at the piano, Fabrizio Balest at doublebass and Valentina Benifei at cello have played on a soundscape composition by Luigi Agostini, “Senti Livorno”, while a video by young livornese director Simone Belli was showing amazing views of Livorno city in the background. The music, composed by Luigi, was an original harmonization of some popular and ancient livornese chants. The show was part of the Rassegna di Musica Contemporanea “Suoni Inauditi“.

See’n’Sound LE 2.0 Manual and demo available.

Yesterday I have released, for A&G Soluzioni Digitali, the 2.0 version of our
OpenAL based See’n’Sound. It works only on Mac OSX 10.5.x. The manual is
available to download at, almost free:

The demo version is 94 MB because it contains a full working session. You can
experiment as you prefer but you can’t save, import or export.

Logically any comment/feedback will be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance…
I will post the demo almost everywhere on the net, but at the moment it is only
available here: