3D soundscape compositions workshop, in collaboration with FKL Italy

Casale Marittimo, 2012, June 22-23-24. “Walking on Soundshine”
Schedule of meetings
“Soundscape, Relaxation and Three Dimensional Meditations”

Immersion in the sounds of the Alta Maremma’s surrounding areas in Casale Marittimo, with identification of two perfect places to accompany the meditations, the place morequiet and the place more energetic, with the support of acousmatic or three-dimensionalsoundscape compositions and recordings. Binaural beats, instruments and music-inspiredEtruscan accompany the group in the path of meditation.

a) http://www.comune.casale-marittimo.pi.it/it/passeggiate.asp
b) http://www.fattoriadellagioiosa.it/
c) http://www.poderinorecordingstudio.com/Home.html


Francesco Michi – Coordination
Massimo Liverani – SoundWalks, 3d Relaxation
Francesco Landucci – Meditations with Etruscan-inspired instruments
Luigi Agostini – Workshop 3D soundscape compositions

Senti Livorno

On the 14th of May, in the Istituto Musicale Mascagni’s Auditorium in Livorno, Giulia Amadei at the piano, Fabrizio Balest at doublebass and Valentina Benifei at cello have played on a soundscape composition by Luigi Agostini, “Senti Livorno”, while a video by young livornese director Simone Belli was showing amazing views of Livorno city in the background. The music, composed by Luigi, was an original harmonization of some popular and ancient livornese chants. The show was part of the Rassegna di Musica Contemporanea “Suoni Inauditi“.