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I am still manufacturing professional solutions for 3D audio production and mastering, here it is the new links:

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3D relax by Massimo Liverani is now and installation and a 3D-EST® disc

Keep an Ear On logoLe Murate – Firenze, Italia: “Keep an Ear On” Videos & Sound Installations, May 20-22 2011. Massimo LIVERANI and Pino GORI have presented “Stazione di rilassamento psicoacustico”, (station for psycho-acustic relax).

3d relaxDescription of the installation: It is an area inscribable in a circle with a diameter below 4 meters, wrapped in canvas supported by bamboo canes, pieces of wood, tufa or stone bases, tied with strings and ropes. The height, including the supporting structure, is of approx. 250 cm. Into the inside area, which can be accessed through special entrances, there are a carpet, camping mats and some cushions, in addition to the acoustic diffusers. . People can lie down on the mats and relax themselves. Furthermore, there are lighting devices which project light on the canvas.

Description of the audio part: It is a sound layer lasting approximately 60 minutes, which has been reproduced in loop. We recommended sessions of approximately 10 minutes. The composition is based on the use of binaural beats at Theta frequency (4-8 hz). Even if they are not audible and are perceived as vibrations in a binaural environment, those sounds have relaxing and therapeutic powers, and they stimulate the cerebral cortex. X-spat playerSince their pure sound is not particularly pleasant, the sounds are masked by natural sounds deriving from wooden and seaside environments, which, from a psychoacoustic point of view, are also relaxing. The composition is also overlapped by musical bases composed ad hoc and divided in 6 pieces of approx. 10 minutes, each interpreted by 6 different musicians. The audio has been reproduced in 3D-EST 8.0 thanks to one X-spat player, 6 Empire S-500 and two special speakers handmade by Massimo Liverani.

“Keep an ear on…” is the fifth international symposium on soundscape organized by the FKL (Forum Klanglandschaft). In 2011, the conference has been held in Florence (Italy) in collaboration with the Center for Music Research Tempo Reale and the Centre for Contemporary Art EX3, May 19 to 22, 2011. Available also as 3D-EST 8.0 soundscape on AVCHD DVD for blu-ray players. 24 bit 48 kHz DTS HD Master Audio, best 3D audio quality on 7.1 home theater system with Lh, Rh, Lsh and Rsh. Compatible also with 5.1 systems but in 2D.3D-EST disc Rilassamento Binaurale (3D Relax) by Massimo Liverani. One hour of binaural beats and relaxing soundscape compositions. Massimo Liverani featuring Sjaak Overgaauw, Enrico Coniglio, Michael Peters, Per Boysen and Fabio Anile.

A 3D-EST soundscape composition by Francesco Landucci for Liz Gehrer’s “Man among influences and changes”

A 3D-EST soundscape composition by Francesco Landucci, spatialized by Luigi Agostini with his X-spat boX2, will complement the latest artwork by Liz Gehrer at Geiger Foundation Exhibition Room from April 23rd to May 29th 2011. The 3D audio playback will be performed using one X-spat player and eight speakers in a custom position chosen by the artist.

Liz Gehrer is a Swiss artist that with her art wishes to show an unusual view of everyday issues, because the day to day is what deserves to be noted, the extraordinary hides within the ordinary. The main themes of her works (sculptures, collages and installations) are vulnerability and at the same time the strength of man and his relations.