E.A.R.22 – 4th and 5th of April – E-coustic Demo Room – iTEK San Miniato, Italy

From the 4th to the 5th of April, a two-days hybrid event focused on E-coustic Systems Electronic Architecture™ technology will be presented by Luigi Agostini with the support of Maurizio Fontanelli and David Campanini by iTEK.
Many special guests will connect and interact with the persons present in the demo room:
Steve Barbar – E-coustic Systems
Russ Berger – Russ Berger Design Group.
Lamberto Tronchin – AES Italia President

Many others will connect in the two days and the program schedule will be updated day by day.
If you want to be present in San Miniato to be able to listen and experience the Extended Audio Reality soundscape created by E-coustic Systems technology please write to a.luigi@itek.tv, thanks.

If you would like to connect via Zoom during the event and be part of the soundscape with the other persons present in the demo room please contact me at luigiagostini2@gmail.com, thanks

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